Closeup Vid Of My Sister’s Coochie


Posted by admin | Posted in film-your-sister | Posted on 30-05-2011

Part 2 of “revenge’s A Mother Fucker”

As soon as her brother got hold of the camera you could tell that he wanted plenty of closeups of his sister’s nasty parts and most of all, closeups of his sister’s pussy. Lucky for us, we have no problem with a brother getting real close to his sister’s cooch and long as the sick fucker keeps his pecker in his pants. Kirstoff managed to keep his pecker in his pants but I sure as hell didn’t. As Kirstoff shoots his sister for the first time, she pulled her little pink briefs aside and I slowly slide my throbbing pecker deep in her tight little cunt. I’m pretty sure her brother was enjoying this but to be honest – his sister’s cooch felt so good on my pecker that I pretty much forgot that he was filming. I just wanted to fuck his sister harder and as long as his clip making didn’t get in the way, I was exceptional with her brother filming us.

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