Brutha Films Sista In Her First Hardcore Vid


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Well fuck me – when Theo showed up at the door with his little sister, I had to check her ID – and yes, she turned 18 last week so I had no problem letting him explain to me what the little cunt had done to deserve being filmed in her first porno shoot by her very own brother. It appears that the little cunt had decided to throw a little party at his place and once wasted, she thought it would be fun to get his exotic fish as drunk as her and her friends were. When her brother came flat, she was passed out on the floor and the fish were floating at the top of the tank – seems neither of them should have been drinking. To make a long story short, his nasty little sister had no way to pay him for the damage to his fish tank let alone the dead fish so he wanted to see the little cunt grudge fucked – and properly so.

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Theo videos His Little Sista As An Older White Guy Gets Her Wet

Only problem was, as far as he knew, his little sister had never been with a guy.  Sure, she did well at the “foreplay” but when the old white guy tried to stick his over sized cock in her petite little cunt, it became obvious that she wasn’t sexually active with men at least. She said she liked coeds but damn, I’ve never see such a petite little pussy.

Crystal's Brother Films As An Older White Guy Fucks His Little Sister

Crystal’s Brutha videos as an Older White Guy Fucks His Little Sista

In the end, she took most of his cock – she was so tight that the old guy shot his load all over her shave little cunt as her brother filmed it all. I think it turned him on to see his sister getting railed by such a large cock. You can see al of the shoot he made at Bring Me Your Sister – sign up today and get full access to Real Colorado Girls and Glass Mannequin as a bonus.