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Now I’ve met some pissed off brothers before but Jackel was more than pissed at his sister Aerynn Black – he was a bit perverted too. Seems his little sister left her rottweiler in the abode and the frickin dog ate her brother’s couch. Now that wouldn’t bee so bad if the little skank had a job and could pay for the couch – but noooo. After trying everything to get the little ink-skank to make it right, he saw my add in the paper and he knew he’d be able to get the $400.00 for his couch and a little vengeance too. Of course he didn’t tell his little sister that she would have to fuck and old guy to pay for his couch.

Filming His Sister Fuck

Now most brother’s are bit hesitant to see their sisters nekkid – let alone getting fucked, but Jackel, being the loving brother that he is, took to filming his sister getting fucked like a fish takes to water. The cool part was this sassy little skank fucked me even harder when he started giving her shit. I almost forgot to mention that this tattooed and pierced slut knows how to suck a boner! My god, I thought she was going to suck the couch cushions up my ass. Of course, what I wanted was my throbbing boner in her tight little cunt.

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After eatin her tight teenager cunt and gettin a great blowjob, I rammed this round-ass ink-skank as hard as I could. The fur was flying and her brother never missed an opportunity to get close and catch the action on video. I think the fucker is gonna go apartment and jerk off to his sister’s first porno video…… Any bets? Hell, why not visit and jerk off to this pierced and tattooed sluts film yourself?

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Crystal is a itty bitty little black honey that normally only fucks other babes but when she killed her brother’s exotic fish, he wanted a little retaliation so he brought her to the guys at Bring Me Your Sister and pimped her petite ass out in her first and only amateur sex sister smut video clip so he could buy new fish. Of course he never told her that he would be filming his sister having sex but she never asked either. When Crystal first saw the size of the guys cock, she about walked out but her brother made his nasty little sister fuck the old guy even if it hurt her to have such a massive cock in her tight little pussy. I this sister sex video, you get to see Theo filming his sister as she gets her shaved pussy licked. Watch and you can see his sister have quiet but real orgasm. If you hunger for to see her wince as the old fucker shoves his massive cock in her itty bitty pussy – you’ll have to download the entire video on Bring Me Your Sister – enjoy!

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I never thought I’d be filming my sister fucking in her first smut scene but when the little cunt left my guitar out in the rain and fucked it up, I decided it was time to teach her a lesson. Then when I read the add in the paper for pissed off brother’s, I knew what I was going to do. I always wanted to see my sister getting nasty but I never dreamed  I’d be inches from her shaved cunt as she was taking a monster pecker all the way up her cunt. Looking at the finished scene on I realized that my sister has a flawless butt. I hope you guys like it cuz she sure as hell shares it with anybody.

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My sister pissed me off

When we showed up at the guy’s apartment that runs Bring Me Your Sister, my sister had no idea what he had in store for her. When the guy told her I wanted to film my sister in her first smut video, she was trippin but she did wreck my guitar and I was not letting her out with out at least the coin she would make by doing smut. And since my sister is a fucking hussy at heart, I knew she would be fucking the old guy before the night was over. And I had half a woody thinking about it.

I filmed my sister in her first porn video

So I filmed my sister in her first smut video

And I was so right about my sister being a hussy. The little tramp was really getting into making her first smut. And I think she kinda liked having a pecker inside her as I watched – I know I liked it. The guy started by eating my sister’s twat then he made my sister suck his pecker before he started fucking my sister.  And he fucked her hard.

My sister's round ass

And got lots of closeups of my sister’s round ass

Anyway, I think I make a pretty good pron scene even if the first time I filmed a smut was with my sister. If you want to see my sister’s smut, then check out my new friend’s site: – see Cheyenne Winters and a lot of other nasty sisters getting filmed by their brothers.

I Fucked Both His Sisters


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When Demon brought his youngest sister Thena to me after she dented the tank on his Harley, I was more than happy to fuck the skinny coed bitch and help her earn a few cash to pay off the repairs. What I didn’t know at the time was the sick fucker Demon had another younger sister – and the older of the two, Kiri, had just screwed up his $1,300 turntable. Now as a DJ, Demon makes his living with his turntables and this stupid cunt threw a party at his flat and one of her “friends” wrecked the thing. Demon needs her to pay now and the poor little bitch is poor as a church mouse. And just like a church mouse, this little bitch would rather fuck than work.

Now, Kiri is a bit taller than her younger sister Thena but has the same pointy tits, flat tummy, and sweet fuckable twat. One more thing – Kiri really likes immense schlongs! It wasn’t hard to talk this sexy coed bitch into making her first amateur sex smut clip – even if her brother was filming it – she just found it cool to be able to fuck for coin. By the time she got done sucking my dick, her twat was so wet that I was able to ram my hard dick all the way in on the first stroke.

The skankalicious cum dumpster moaned as I fucker her every way to Sunday but when I put her on top, she went crazy – riding my hard dick like we were at the rodeo – lucky for me, she stayed on a bit longer than 8 seconds. Actually, I think we fucked for a bit more than 30 minutes before I blew my hot sticky sperm all over this nasty cunt’s flat coed tummy. She giggled and asked if she could come back and make another smut video with me.

Of course, I told her – as long as you “Bring Me Your Sister

Fun With A Camera And Two Nasty Fucking Sisters


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These easy sisters love cock and they like to share too ;-) . I have no idea how Kiri managed to to get Thena back after I ripped the little pussy up last time she was at my place but one thing about these sisters, they like cock. And I like fucking sisters so we get along prime!

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I still have no idea hoe Thena managed to hold the camera steady as she filmed me fucking her sister – but I was busy devouring one sister’s pussy and fucking the other sister’s wet cunt. But just like last time I fucked Thena, she started complaining that it “hurt” – not that I gave a flying fuck, after all, she did wreck her sister’s hookah and it was my job to punish her.

Pretty sure Kiri has a slightly different outlook on the entire filming and fucking thing – I think it turned her on to get fucked as her sister watched – in fact, I fucked her once as her brother filmed it – she’s a sick little kitten if you ask me. But who the fuck am I to complain – it beats masturbating alone!

And as usual- ‘ll post the full-length clips on my main site – these belong to the Bring Me Your Sister site so be sure to check it out. PapaGMP